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Los Alamos nuclear weapons lab removes Chinese tech over spying concerns


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One of the leading US nuclear weapons labs, Los Alamos National Laboratory, has removed networking switches manufactured by H3C, a former venture between Huawei and 3Com, and now a full subsidiary of HP. According to a letter from November obtained by Reuters, government security specialists were alerted to the components by a lab engineer, who said the parts were installed the month before. It went on to state that two of the switches were "promptly replaced," but other H3C components may still remain in the lab, and will likely be replaced "as quickly as possible." Though H3C is no longer affiliated with Huawei, it states on its website that it maintains a close relationship with the Chinese manufacturer -- which has gone to great lengths to prove that it has no capability for surveillance in any of its products. Apparently, it still has a long ways to go before the US government is buying any of it.

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