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Facebook partners with Bing to deliver web results in Graph Search


Social media giant Facebook just announced that its new Graph Search tool will also incorporate results from the wider web thanks to a partnership with Microsoft and Bing. Obviously, people won't flock to Graph Search if it's capabilities are limited to where your friends live and the restaurants they like. Zuckerberg and crew will have to provide some way to find information that Facebook simply can't provide (for now...). That's where Bing comes in, with its ability to pull data like current weather conditions -- something your old frat buddies are probably useless to provide. This is hardly the first time Redmond has gotten cozy with Facebook. The social network is integrated rather closely with the search engine and Bing has been providing web search results on Facebook for sometime. Now there's just less of a wall between the two when looking at results. With Graph Search, Bing results are put front and center, with some social context. For a bit more information from Microsoft's perspective hit up the more coverage link.