Dave Brevik defends the cost of Marvel Heroes' Ultimate Pack

No matter how much money you spend in League of Legends, you cannot play Rocket Raccoon there.
The idea of spending nearly $200 on a free-to-play title before it releases seems counterintuitive. Still, if you want the Ultimate Pack for Marvel Heroes, that's precisely what you'll need to do, a move that's sparked enough controversy for Gazillion's CEO Dave Brevik to comment on the pack.

While Brevik admits that the price is quite hefty, he emphasizes that it's a substantial long-term discount for players and isn't so unusual when you consider the variety of other games offering collector's editions at similar price points. He points out that he's already spent much more than that playing League of Legends through a variety of small purchases.

Brevik also takes the time to defend the game from other criticisms regarding its interface, graphics, and story, arguing that he is happy with the game in its current state while stressing that it is currently a beta. He also mentions that the pre-purchase packs are entirely optional and much of the content within can be earned within the game. Marvel Heroes is currently on track for a release in the spring of this year.
This article was originally published on Massively.