Skulls of the Shogun brings true game sync across Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox video

Cross-platform game compatibility and syncing aren't anything new, but there have been few if any games that truly make us feel at home when we switch devices. Developer 17-Bit's just-launched Skulls of the Shogun bucks that trend in style as the first game with a unified experience across every one of Microsoft's platforms. Start a game on a Windows 8 or RT PC, Windows Phone or Xbox 360, and cloud saves will carry over with nary a hitch in sight. Turn-based multiplayer works the same way: anyone involved in a match can play from whichever device is convenient, rather than give up a big screen or mobility. We just wish the undead strategy game's prices enjoyed the same level of consistency -- Skulls costs $5 on Windows Phone, $10 on Windows PCs and 1,200 points on the Xbox. Still, we'll bite if it means squeezing in one more round on our Surface.


Skulls of the Shogun offers game syncing across Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox (video)