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Apple gains more ground in US smartphone share

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ComScore is out with its latest look at how Apple and its competitors are faring in the ongoing war for smartphone market share in the US. According to the firm's latest sampling of 300,000 cellular subscribers, Apple's lead doesn't look to be slowing.

As of December 2012, Apple holds a 36.3% share of the US smartphone market, up two points from its 34.3% share in September 2012. Samsung also gained with a 21% share, while in September 2012 is was at 18.7%. HTC, Motorola and LG comprise the rest of the top five OEMs at 10.2%, 9.1% and 7.1% market share, respectively.

iOS continues to trail behind Android in terms of mobile OS share, but it's gaining ground. As of December, Apple's operating system held a 36.3% share versus Google's 53.4%, with Android seeing an increase of less than 1%. In terms of other competitors, BlackBerry was third at 6.4% but that was down 2% from September. Windows Phone ranked only 2.9% and Symbian -- yes, Symbian -- came in last at a mere 0.6%.

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