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Skype's BlackBerry 10 app still on its way, will be an Android port (update)

Brad Molen

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We've been told that nearly 40 percent of all BlackBerry 10 apps in BB World are Android ports, but what about some of the big-name apps boasted on stage at the launch event last week? In its latest blog post, Skype revealed its dirty secret: the service is "working closely with BlackBerry to ensure the Skype for Android app runs great in the BlackBerry 10 environment." Indeed, one of the most anticipated programs announced on January 30th -- which we're told should be available soon -- is a repackaged Android port; this leaves us a little skeptical of its performance, though we'll save final judgment for when it's finally ready to download. Let's just say we're hoping that Runtime adds Jelly Bean support sooner rather than later.

Update: Well, it took a couple days, but Skype rep finally got back to us with some clarification on this matter:

"You are correct that the Skype app coming to BlackBerry 10 is our very popular Skype for Android app. We are excited that BlackBerry is enabling Android apps like Skype for Android run great on BB10, and are fully supporting the Android runtime environment and Android tools for BlackBerry 10. This allows us to leverage our existing Skype for Android! Development efforts to quickly have the latest version of our app (Skype for Android 3.1) ready for BlackBerry 10. We are closely collaborating with BlackBerry to ensure the app runs well and that BlackBerry 10 users will have a great Skype experience. To that end, we are working closely with BlackBerry to open up some of the integration points available to native apps in the OS so that they can also be used by the Skype application and we expect the app will allow Skype users to see notifications, to start the app from the Hub, and to see their Skype contacts in the native phone book."

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