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The Repopulation adds seven new creatures to its bestiary

MJ Guthrie
When preparing to set out in a new world, it's not a bad idea to have at least some idea of what you will run into. To give players a peek at some of the wildlife in The Repopulation, seven new creatures have been added to the game's bestiary. Here, players get to learn a bit about the six-legged hokfig, a large, slow herd animal with a hornlike plate on its back, and the nacoot, a small lizard with chameleon-like properties that ambushes its prey.

Other creatures include the brachura with their massive spiked claws, the cliff-scaling okolat, the annoying little birdlike t'seef, and the aptly named scavenger. But animal wildlife is not all players will encounter when venturing out of the safety of civilization: The sentient lesoo are not only intelligent, but are stronger and larger than the humans. For more details about each of these creatures, check out the official site.