There are more Twitter client updates this week. Today it's Twitterrific for iOS, updated to version 5.1. The update brings some new features, which are sure to enhance the Twitterrific experience.

Alongside a plethora of bug fixes and improvements, Twitterrific has added the following new features: Muffling, which allows you to silence users, hashtags and domains (settings are synced across devices using iCloud)., Mobypicture and Twitpic have been added to Twitterrific's image service lineup. Finally, Avenir font has been added to themes, but only for iOS version 6 and upwards.

Notable improvements: You'll now get Flickr previews in your timeline as well as slideshow view for Flickr photos.

For additional details on the update, check out Twitterrific on the iOS App Store.

The update is available now for existing Twitterrific users, through the iOS App Store or available to purchase at US$2.99.

[via The Icon Factory]

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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