I'm surprised that no one, including myself, has made more baseball-related puns about these events.
Let's assume for a moment that you're Curt Schilling, formerly of the Red Sox and formerly of the now-defunct 38 Studios. You're facing a massive lawsuit for fraud regarding a $75 million loan from the state of Rhode Island. What do you do? It appears that Mr. Schilling's first approach is to ask the judge on the case to throw out the case entirely, claiming that the basis of the case is itself fraudulent.

The crux of the lawsuit is the state's claim that Schilling and the 38 Studios board of directors willfully obfuscated the company's status from state lawmakers. Schilling has put forth that 38 Studios fully disclosed its status to the state investors on numerous occasion, providing them with an accurate picture of the company's financial situation. Due to this disclosure the allegations of fraud and obfuscation are simply not possible, hence the request for dismissal. Schilling goes on to claim that the entire suit is politically motivated and that the company's failure is chiefly due to Governor Lincoln Chafee not doing enough to save 38 Studios from bankruptcy.

This article was originally published on Massively.