World of Tanks 85 update adds new map, tanks, and opens premium features
Not surprisingly, updates in World of Tanks usually feature a tank or two to bolster the already impressive roster of available war machines. With new Soviet and German vehicles, update 8.5 is no different. The unexpected, however, comes in the form of changes to premium services: As of 8.5, non-paying players will be able to access some of the premium features previously only available to those who paid.

In addition to three new Soviet light tanks (the small-sized T-60, T-70 and the T-80), a new line of German medium tanks (headed by Tier X Leopard 1), and a fast-firing American SPG joining the battlefield, free players will be able to create three-member platoons and companies as well as purchase all premium consumables with silver credits. On top of these changes, players will also see revamped visuals for the Siegfried Line, South Coast and Malinovka maps as well as a brand new map called Pear River.

[Source: press release]

This article was originally published on Massively.
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