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Bluetooth bottle tells you when to drink water, doesn't care about the consequences

Sharif Sakr

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We've seen super-advanced solutions for purifying water, printing water, hacking water and, yes, even (partially) boiling water. None of them are of any use, though, unless we actually remember to drink the stuff -- preferably at least 2.5 liters of it per day. That's where the prototype device shown after the break comes in: it's called the Sleeve, designed by an Estonian company called Jomi, and it hooks around a water bottle in order to periodically weigh it. It sends this information over Bluetooth to a mobile app that then analyzes our drinking habits and warns us if we're not taking the whole thing seriously enough.

The Jomi Sleeve is being prepped for a Kickstarter launch at some point in the future, alongside a smaller version called the Band that will use accelerometers instead of scales. Both models inevitably make a number of assumptions -- not least that the stuff in our flasks won't actually dehydrate us further -- but they could be the perfect accompaniment to all those food metrics we keep hearing about.

Bluetooth canteen tells you when to drink water, doesn't care if you're about to take a long drive

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