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Private airport terminal for Google's jets approved by city of San Jose


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After a minor curfew scuffle, it looks like Google might soon take its airplanes from their current nest at Mountain View's Moffett field and park them up the road at Mineta San Jose International Airport. Signature Flight Support has been approved by the city's council to build an $82 million facility on the west side of that field, where its biggest client would be Google's flight operator, Blue City Holdings. Councilmen approved the facility by a 10-1 vote after Signature accepted a deal for immunity from some of the stricter measures of a night flying curfew, like eviction. Google's offer to do a $45 million renovation of Hanger One at its current Moffett Field home in Mountain View was rejected by the feds, meaning the search giant's likely to take its ball, bat and fleet of jets to San Jose sometime in 2015.

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