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YouTube brings live streaming to Capitol Hill, whether you like it or not

Zachary Lutz

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In between watching giraffes fight and people who can't parallel park, you'll find a new attraction on YouTube this week: live streams from members of US Congress. Today, the video-sharing website announced that all federal legislators will receive the ability to tap into advanced features on their YouTube channels, and yes, this includes the ability to pop off about the opposition party at a moment's notice. Naturally, YouTube is no stranger to public service, as it's served up similar live streams of both the DNC and RNC, the State of the Union address, and most recently, Coachella. It seems that C-SPAN's turf is safe for the time being, however, as you won't yet find live daily coverage of congressional sessions. As a consolation, you can hit the break for the giraffes... which is eerily similar to watching Congress.

[John Boehner photo credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr]

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