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Nokia Lumia 928 officially confirmed: PureView, OIS and Carl Zeiss camera goodies


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So, print is the new digital. At least when it comes to Verizon's imminent -- and now surely fully acknowledged -- Lumia 928. The billboard spotted over the weekend enthused about the camera, but told us little else. This magazine spread spotted in Vanity Fair, however has a few more details. As hinted at, we can expect PureView goodness (though we're guessing a-la 920, rather than the 808), plus a Carl Zeiss lens and Nokia's proprietary OIS. As for the rest of the phone, well, that's still largely under wraps, we'll just have to wait until the next print run -- or not.

Update: The Nokia link in the advert is now live, at least enough to show an official image.

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Nokia Lumia 928 magazine ad confirms PureView, OIS and Carl Zeiss goodies

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