Around Azeroth: Slowly but surely

Around Azeroth Slowly but surely SUNDAY
"On March 14, I and four other guildies (Sycofant, Maridian, Pierogimon and Beaufort) decided to try for Challenge Modes once a week," writes submitter Sympson of Perfect Insanity on Nazgrel (US-H). "Today we finally completed all of the Challenge Modes on silver and got our Pandaren Phoenix mounts! We were all very excited to have finally accomplished our goal Our guild isn't very hardcore and we're only scheduled to begin Throne of Thunder this week after having cleared Terrace of Endless Spring last week, but that doesn't mean we're bad players! We're just pretty casual about it, which is part of why we're so happy to have finished the silver medals." %Gallery-107338%
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This article was originally published on WoW Insider.