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Apple: DOJ wants Amazon to have a 'Significant Competitive Advantage'

Just hours after the Department of Justice filed a revised punishment proposal claiming Apple instigated the in-app purchase rule to "retaliate against Amazon," the Cupertino company has hit back by saying the DoJ wants Amazon to have a "significant competitive advantage," reports GigaOm. In court filings posted Monday morning, Apple's attorney stated:

Plaintiffs are seeking a remedy that would give Amazon a significant competitive advantage over Apple -- an advantage it is neither entitled to nor deserves. This is plainly improper and highly counterproductive.

Now -- after the trial is over and this court has ruled -- is not the time to adjudicate a whole new array of legal and factual issues based on evidence that is outside the record and which largely post-dates the events at issue.

Among the proposed changes the DoJ wants are the ability for e-book sellers to sell e-books within their apps on iOS without Apple taking a 30 percent cut. Given that Apple's business model includes a 30 percent cut of all content sold, this is understandably a hot issue for the company.

Apple is expected to meet with the judge overseeing the case later today to further discuss the proposals.