Breakfast Topic: Share your favorite opening day moments

Breakfast Topic Share your favorite 54 new content moment
Must ... collect ... more ... treasure. And jump –- must jump and climb and find out what's at the top of that cliff. Must kill what's there –- 31 rare elite mobs out here somewhere ... And players. Must fight all the players. Flagging now. More fighting. Oof, need to park for a break. Hmm, maybe time for a break at the Celestial Tournament battling pets, but first must collect new pets. Argh, wait -– coins. Need more coins. A mount for 100,000 coins? Coins, coins, coins ...

There's quite a crowd on the Timeless Isle this week, all leaping and hunting and battling. Other players are working on their legendary cloaks or tackling the new raid content.

Whatever it is that you've chosen to pull into focus first from among this flurry of new content, we're betting that it's injected a rush of excitement into your game. Let's pull up a chair and share our best opening day(s) stories (whether it was patch day or merely the first day you yourself made it into the new content) from patch 5.4, The Siege of Orgrimmar.

This article was originally published on WoW Insider.