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Gesture control startup Flutter acquired by Google, could make Gmail Motion a reality


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Another day, another tech startup gets acquired. This time around it's Google snatching up Y Combinator-hatched Flutter, the developer of a gesture control app for Windows and Mac PCs. There's no word on what it's planning for the team and its technology -- we'd suggest 2011 April Fool's joke Gmail Motion, but someone beat them to that -- but the company's current product uses existing webcams to enable gesture control of software like Spotify, VLC or iTunes. According to CEO Navneet Dalal, users will continue to be able to use the app and should "stay tuned for future updates." Even after Kinect and all of the other gesture control entries we're not sure if it's the future, although creating a solution that has decent precision without requiring extra hardware is interesting. The company's founders told TechCrunch last year that they want Flutter to be the eyes of our computers the way apps like Siri or Google Now are the ears of our device, we'll see if teaming up with Google pushes that movement forward.

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