Aerosmith, Pixies square off in dueling Rocksmith 2014 launch trailers

Ubisoft's guitar teaching tool Rocksmith: 2014 Edition launches today, and two new trailers force players to make a difficult decision: Pixies, or Aerosmith? The Pixies headline the European trailer above with the Fight Club anthem "Where Is My Mind?", while North America's trailer below features "America's favorite rock band" Aerosmith and their hit 1975 single "Walk This Way."

Let's pretend that you get to choose which band lives and which one dies. It might help to weigh their songs against one another. Do you prefer "Monkey Gone to Heaven" or "Love in an Elevator"? "No. 13 Baby" or "Uncle Salty"? "Gigantic" or "Dream On"?

(For the record, the correct answers, in order, are A, A, and – just barely – B. Pixies win.)
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Rocksmith 2014 Edition (10/22/13)

This article was originally published on Joystiq.