Well, that was quick. Shortly after a Financial Times report to the effect, Google has confirmed that it is indeed preparing an invite system that will let current Glass owners invite up to three friends to join its Explorer program and buy a device of their own. The company isn't saying exactly when they'll be able to do so just yet, but is promising a rollout "over the next few weeks." What's more, Google's also announced a one-time hardware exchange for existing Glass users, which will let them swap out their eyewear for an upgraded version. There's no word on any potential improvements to battery life or other specs just yet, but Google says the new version will work with "future lines of shades and prescription frames," and also come equipped with a mono earbud. Glass users can expect to receive an email sometime next month with further details on the exchange process.

Update: It looks like Mountain View is beginning to open up the invitation floodgates as one of our editors in the Explorer program just received an email to invite friends. Head past the break for the missive.

Google will soon let Glass users upgrade their hardware and invite their friends to buy one