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Samsung CEO promises to deliver devices with 'folding displays' in 2015


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At Samsung's Analyst Day, alongside talking serious financial numbers, forward looking statements and such, the company has announced that it will bring fully-foldable screens to willing customers some time in 2015. The screen tech (which we've seen an incremental nudge towards with the Galaxy Round) could find its way into both typical smart devices like tablets and smartphones as well as wearables, which is something that Samsung has shown more than a passing interest in. In fact, Samsung Electronics CEO Kwon Oh Hyun, in the same statement, reiterated that there was still plenty of "room for improvement" on the Galaxy Gear. The company already posited some extra-malleable screens in its big CES press show back in January, where we snapped the above still from the concept-laden (Google Glass-baiting) video promo. We've embedded it in full, right after the break.

Update: We've just added a pic below from Sammy Hub, which loosely outlines how Samsung will approach its display development. Starting next year and running into 2015, the company will focus on curved and bended displays, with an action-bubbled "technology barrier" overlapping with the introduction of foldable screens.

Samsung CEO promises to deliver devices with 'folding displays' in 2015

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