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Google Play Music comes to iOS with a free month of All Access

Matt Brian, @m4tt

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We knew it was coming, and it might have taken a little longer than expected, but Google Play Music for iOS is finally here. The long-awaited iPhone app hits the App Store exactly six months after it was announced for Android and the desktop, and like its counterparts, offers free access to 20,000 of your uploaded tracks, lets you create playlists and also share songs with friends. However, you might be tempted to grab a free month's trial for its All Access streaming service (normally $9.99 a month), which gives you access to over 20 million tracks, offers custom radio stations and helps you discover new music with its smart recommendation features. 9to5mac reports that Google is working to deliver an iPad version of the Play Music app and aims to bring its "I'm feeling lucky" feature and improved playback features in the near future.

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