Twitter has just updated its iOS and Android apps with new search filters plus the ability to view all tweets in your results instead of just the top few. Those filters include a new photo search tool that shows images in either a grid or list, one that just displays the tweets of the people you follow and, of course, a video filter for all you Vine and YouTube aficionados out there. Additionally, Twitter is introducing a trending timeline in the Discover tab that shows what's the hottest topic of the moment along with related tweets. So if you've ever wanted to know why everyone's buzzing about what a fox says, well now you can find out that much easier. Twitter addicts can go ahead and download the app updates at the source links below.

Update: We've gone ahead and downloaded the update, and noticed a few additional changes not mentioned in the blog post. First, aside from the typical trending topics, you can also now see trending TV and local event chatter after you've scrolled past all the trends. They're marked with the appropriate symbols (a television and a map pin respectively). It also promises better login verification by letting you take a screenshot of your backup code when you enroll or create a new one.

Also, now whenever you select a new direct message, it'll populate a list of suggested users so you can easily select the person you DM the most. There are also a few other refinements here and there, like new icons, screen transitions and and apparently an in-app pop-up whenever a post is retweeted or starred. Some of the changes are apparently only visible to a few users, so definitely let us know if you see anything different. In the meantime, we've included a few screenshots of the new interface after the break.

Twitter for iOS and Android can now filter out the pictures, video and people you hate from search results

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