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IMDb's latest iOS update makes it easier to follow movie stars without getting arrested

Sharif Sakr

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Whatever happened to Joe Carnahan after he directed the 2002 cop classic, NARC? And what the heck is Joaquin Phoenix up to these days (aside from deeply inappropriate love affairs)? The redesigned IMDb app for iOS 7 delivers answers to these questions and more, especially now that it supports shareable "People Lists" that allow you to track the careers of actors, directors, cinematographers and pretty much anyone else who tends to work on good movies. It's slightly tricky to figure things out at first: you have to sign in to the app, create a list and then change the list's type from "Title" to "Name" before it'll let you track individuals. The app also seems to lack the ability to trigger notifications when someone in your list starts work on a new film. Nevertheless, it all works smoothly once you get the hang of it and, if we'd had this feature sooner, we might well have paid more attention to the 2010 remake of The A-Team.

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