If you're in need of a few 3D-printed parts for that next project or business venture, Sculpteo now has a production method to help bring home the bacon. The company has just announced 3D-printing Batch Control to output as many figurines, drone parts or whatever it is that you may need. Using Sculpteo's software, customers can view the order inside the printer, compare pricing in real time and control both axis and orientation all while nabbing multiple units in a single batch. As far as customization goes, 11 colors, three finishes and two resolutions are offered for orders in an effort to cut production costs, allow for limited editions and more -- like 168 pigs, for example. While the 3D-printed items we saw here at CES are connected in cube form, orders don't arrive that way by default, but it sure does make for easy transport.

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Sculpteo batch 3D printing

Sean Cooper contributed to this report.