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Uwe Boll will return to the director's chair for The Rampage 2


Notorious filmmaker Uwe Boll has announced plans for a sequel to his controversial 2009 film, The Rampage.

Like its predecessor, The Rampage 2 will star Brendan Fletcher as an unhinged man driven to violent acts. Instead of centering on a bloody killing spree as in The Rampage, the sequel will see Fletcher's character taking hostages at a TV station, then using his captives as "a political platform to awaken humanity." According to the Hollywood Reporter, The Rampage 2 will be filmed over the course of a six-day shoot in British Columbia.

Word that Boll is working on The Rampage 2 comes only a few short months after the director attempted to fund a sequel to his film adaptation of Postal on Kickstarter. Unfortunately for Boll, that effort only raised $29,977 of the $500,000 he was seeking.

There is currently no word on when we can expect to see The Rampage 2 in theaters, though if the movie follows the same path as Boll's other recent films expect it to skip movie houses entirely and go straight to DVD.

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