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It's Tuesday which means it's time for the Engadget HD Podcast. We hope you'll join us live when the Engadget HD podcast starts recording at 8:45PM. The big cable merger news finally got all official and we'll brake down why it will, or won't, be approved by Uncle Sam. There's more Chromecast news too and yet another Apple TV rumor -- we never missed an opportunity to poke fun at those. And of course there is other top HD news we'll go over as well. If you'll be joining us, take a peek at the topics after the break -- then do everything else you'll need to do in order to be ready to participate in the live chat.

Comcast and Time Warner Cable's $45 billion merger puts 30 million customers under one roof
Netflix report suggests Comcast and Verizon FiOS speeds are slipping
A new Apple TV is on the way, pending a deal with Time Warner Cable
Sony sold 5.3 million PS4s already, hits sales target with weeks to spare
First Xbox One feature update goes live
Xbox One Media Remote briefly surfaces, hints at March 4th release
Google deems Android ready for more Chromecast apps, lets the floodgates open
Chromecast's Fireplace Visualizer hopes to set hearts aflame on Valentine's Day
AllCast creator demos Android screen mirroring through Chromecast
Showtime's Anytime app arrives on Roku
The Tonight Show relaunches with Jimmy Fallon, and of course it has companion apps
House of Cards season two is ready for viewing on Netflix
Orange is the New Black season two hits Netflix on June 6th
Must See HDTV for the week of February 17th: Winter Olympics, Daytona 500 and Strider

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