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Perpetuum announces April 23rd Steam launch

Avatar Creations' sci-fi sandbox Perpetuum might have a few years under its belt now, but that doesn't mean it's too proud to set up shop on Steam, and on April 23rd, that's exactly what it will do. In a dev blog posted today, the studio outlined what the Steam launch and gamma reset will mean for the existing playerbase:
Those who already own the game are now able to link their Perpetuum and Steam accounts on our website and receive a free copy of the game on Steam. We have set up a new Account connections section under account management where you can do this. [...] Future purchases of Perpetuum on our website will not mean that you will also get a Steam key. Since Steam is not a requirement to access the game and will not give players any in-game benefits, we will still be offering Perpetuum through our own store as well.
Perpetuum already dropped its subscription fee earlier this month in preparation for the relaunch.