It's better if you don't see the awkward not-actually-jumping pose her lower body is in.  Really.
Do you enjoy playing Nemesis in SMITE? Do you ever find yourself thinking that you'd much rather be playing the Greek personification of vengeance if she were dressed up like a Japanese ninja for no adequately explained reason other than the fact that ninjas are cool? Well, you're going to get your remarkably specific wish with the next major SMITE patch. (If you had hoped to see her dressed up as a Portugese milkmaid from the 16th century, we're afraid your pleas have gone unanswered.)

So what does she look like in the new costume? We're glad you asked because otherwise you'd have no reason to click past the break and check out the video of the new Nemesis costume in action. So... you know, do exactly that. The patch is currently scheduled for early next week.

[Source: Hi-Rez Studios press release]

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