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Google lets you use Chrome apps to open files on your Mac

Matt Brian, @m4tt

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Although Google has quietly been working to bring Chrome apps to the desktop, you've not been able click a file and have it open inside a browser extension. According to Chrome tinkerer François Beaufort, that's all about to change, after the search giant launched a new beta version of its Mac browser, which just so happens to add this kind of support for various file types. As you can see in the screenshot above, the Chrome extension Text can be assigned to edit (you guessed it) documents. Images are also supported, though it's not clear what other file types Google may allow extensions to access. Right now, it's limited to the Canary build of Chrome and requires a little bit of tinkering. Imagine a YouTube app that'll let you edit videos saved on your Mac while uploading them to the site: not something you can do currently, but Google could help make apps like that a reality.

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