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Real FX lets you race against robot toy cars, no mobile app required


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Sure, Anki Drive put robotic toy cars on the map, but it's not ideal -- not everyone can justify giving their kids iOS devices just to steer plastic vehicles. You won't have that issue if Wow Labs gets its Real FX kit on to store shelves. The system blends conventional RC handsets with smart, optically guided cars; all you do to play against artificial intelligence is switch a racer's handset to "pace car." You don't have to settle for fixed course designs, either, since you can build them piece-by-piece.

If you want to give Real FX a whirl when it ships in October, you'll have to make a pledge to its Kickstarter campaign. Pitching in at least £80 ($136) gets you a starter set with two cars and 12 track pieces, while a pro set with 39 track pieces will cost you £150 ($255). Only the basic equipment is clearly cheaper than Anki's, but either bundle may represent a much, much larger bargain if you don't already have iOS gadgets hanging around.

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