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Verizon backpedals after cutting off free LTE for Chromebook Pixel owners


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Nothing like a public shaming to make a company do an about-face. After cutting off free LTE service for Chromebook Pixel owners earlier than expected, Google stepped in to offer users a $150 gift card. Outrage from users persisted, though, and now Verizon appears to be reversing its decision. "We do understand that a very small number of Chromebook Pixel customers may have had a promo end prematurely," a Verizon spokesperson told TechCrunch. "We apologize for this, and will work with these customers to address the situation." Based on that statement (and what a vague statement it is), it's unclear whether the carrier actually intends to restore LTE service, or whether it intends to make amends some other way. We're asking Verizon to clarify, and will update this post if we hear more.

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