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Spotify is coming to Canada, finally


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Canada is used to being jilted by online media providers that avoid the country like the plague, but that era may be nearing an end -- just weeks after Google Play Music got the all clear, Spotify has confirmed that it's coming to the True North Strong and Free. While the internet music service isn't officially ready yet, it's taking sign-ups for pre-launch invitations; the company tells iMore that it's gradually expanding access over the "coming months" to make sure that it doesn't choke on the inevitable flood of new users. That will undoubtedly feel like an eternity if you want to join non-Canuck friends who've been listening for years. However, you don't have to sit idle while you're waiting to stream some Arcade Fire or Metric. Spotify has already posted both its Android and iOS apps, and they should start working as soon as you have an account -- grab 'em early if you want to be ready.

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