Part two of Guild Wars 2's Dragon's Reach lands on August 12th

I'll reach your dragons!  I... that sounded better in my head.
Ready to dive further into Dry Top in Guild Wars 2? You'll be able to do so in a week. ArenaNet has just put out a new teaser video announcing the next part of Season 2's Living Story, The Dragon's Reach: Part 2. It goes live on August 12th, and while the Elder Dragon Mordremoth advances, not all of the leaders of Tyria's factions are willing to work together to fight this threat.

Of course, we know you're here to analyze what you can from the trailer. So jump on past the cut and do just that. It promises plant-based hijinks, but let's be honest: You probably guessed that. But there's a bit more going on, and you... well, you'll see. We'd hate to spoil the whole surprise, after all.

[Source: ArenaNet press release]
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