Toxic Games is building a sequel to its late 2011 physics-based puzzle game QUBE. Dubbed QUBE², the sequel is in development for PS4, the studio announced via PlayStation Blog. The first-person follow-up will include refined mechanics and new puzzles along with a "tightly-woven narrative" that expands the series' universe.

The "definitive version" of the first game, QUBE: Director's Cut, arrived on Steam in May. The upgraded version added a new story to the game, a sore spot for our review of the original edition. QUBE: Director's Cut is still planned for PS4, PS3, Wii U and Xbox One. It's unclear what platforms QUBE² will target other than PS4, but it will be powered by Unreal Engine 4 and support Sony's Project Morpheus virtual reality headset.
[Image: Toxic Games]

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