Movpack Skateboard Backpack

So you think regular skateboards are boring, eh? If those electric skateboards we've featured before don't do it for you, then here's another alternative: an electric skateboard that's also a backpack. It's called the Movpack, and you don't even need to know how to ride a skateboard to use it, so long as you can keep your balance. You simply navigate it with a remote control, and it'll move on its own at speeds that reach up to 15mph. Since Movpack's creators have a wide target audience, from working professionals to students, they designed the board part to fold behind the backpack for convenience. You can roll it behind you or carry it like a regular backpack, but since it contains both the board and its battery, it weighs a rather heavy 17 pounds without anything else in it.

That battery can take you anywhere within 9 miles, provided you haven't used it to charge your gadgets (which you totally can, by the way!), after which you need to plug it in for a couple hours. Movpack's makers are currently trying to raise $100,000 via Kickstarter to finalize the product and start production. But before you decide to get one, you may want to make sure you're into investing quite a bit of cash on a backpack-and-skateboard-in-one, as you'll have to pledge a minimum of $1,190 for a single unit.

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