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Google's easing back on G+ sign-ups for new email accounts


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Need to make a new Gmail account but don't want to deal with creating a mandatory Google+ profile to go with it? Don't sweat it, because Mountain View's removed that requirement to join its ailing social network, and once again signing up for the search giant's email service takes you directly to the inbox without any fuss. As evidenced in marketing blog Wordstream's screenshot below, however, you'll still need a G+ account if you want to futz around with the rest of Google's services. Meaning, if leaving reviews for apps or media in Google Play and uploading videos to YouTube is totally your bag, you'll have to take the plunge and "upgrade" your Gmail account regardless. Still, for those who just need to create a burner email address to give out to less-than-trustworthy websites, the process is a bit less annoying now.

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