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Google wants you to easily share files between Android and iOS


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As handy as services like AirDrop or Android Beam may be for shuffling content between nearby devices, they're platform-exclusive. That's not much help if you want to share photos from your Android phone to an iPhone, or vice versa. However, Google may soon overcome that barrier. Android Police, Techaeris and GigaOM all have evidence of Copresence, a service that would let Android and iOS devices swap content over WiFi. Reportedly, it uses location data (including Bluetooth) to set up the connection; after that, you can send directions, photos and other info without having to either bump devices or rely on cloud storage options like Google Drive or Dropbox. The technique shouldn't require a Google account, either.

It the details are accurate, Copresence should be available within a matter of weeks. Having said this, you shouldn't expect a file sharing Utopia. The feature is most likely to be limited to Google apps at first, and it's probably not going to be a system-wide feature on at least iOS -- you may have to be satisfied with exchanging files through a handful of programs. Still, that's better than the walled-off sharing you likely deal with today.

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