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Yes, LG will have new 4K TVs at CES next week


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Ending a long period of speculation, LG revealed that it will have new TVs of the extra-large, super duper high-res variety to show off during CES next week. While that's not really a surprise, one thing we should note is that all of them are flat -- no anti-curved glasses necessary here. Spanning eight different product lines (UC9, UB9800, UF9500, UF9400, UF8500, UF7700, UF6800 and UF6700), LG's Ultra HD TVs have more than just the quantum dot and webOS 2.0 Smart TV updates we've heard about. They're also thinner than ever (of course), with promised upgrades for the color balance and black levels. The embedded 4K video decoder can handle 30fps or 60fps inputs and is "future-proof" for future standards, but we haven't heard specific details about things like expanded color depth.

We're also waiting to hear about shipping dates or prices, but right now all we know is that five of the new lines (UC9, UB9800, UF9500, UF9400, and UF8500) will feature multi-channel "Ultra Surround" speakers built-in, while the UF9500 has an Auditorium Stand to help focus the sound. We'll know more about whether they live up to the hype -- or if you should keep waiting for those slick OLED screens to come down in price -- after we've had our retinas seared in Las Vegas next week, so check back then.

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