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Drones are pestering Spain's royal family


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France isn't the only European country grappling with suspicious drone flights, it seems. Reportedly, guards at the Spanish royal family's La Zarzuela palace have spotted numerous robotic aircraft flying through its airspace at night, including the residences. That's bad enough by itself, but the kicker is that radio jamming isn't working -- short of breaking out guns, the guards can't just bring these machines down.

There aren't any telltale clues as to who's responsible, and the palace isn't commenting. While paparazzi seem like an obvious answer, nighttime doesn't really provide the best conditions for taking photos of the King and Queen. There's also a concern that terrorism might be afoot, but the pilots could just as easily be activists, pranksters or even curious locals. Either way, it looks like Spain will have to follow the lead of other countries and tighten its anti-drone measures around high-security areas.

[Image credit: AP Photo/Abraham Caro Marin]

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