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Researchers claim they've built the first 3D color hologram

'Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi ... to solve this Rubik's cube.'
Steve Dent, @stevetdent
12.03.15 in AV

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Princess Leia was apparently indisposed, but Korean researchers are laying claim to the world's first 360-degree color hologram -- a floating Rubik's cube. A 16-company consortium called ETRI, led by LG Display division, has created "tabletop holographic display" that can be viewed from all angles. According to ET News, it's a true hologram and not a "pseudo hologram that make[s] 3D effects through 2D images." In other words, it's not a "Pepper's Ghost" illusion famously used for the Tupac hologram. Since the view changes when you move around it -- as if it were a real object -- it also differs from "floating 3D-movie" type holograms.

The research is the fruit of a 2013 Korean government project to develop hologram tech. The effect is produced by powerful, rapid lasers that create the 3D object using diffraction, and produce color via interference between multi-hued lasers. There are significant limitations -- the holograph is only 3-inches in size, and uses a complex system of lasers. However, ETRI plans to commercialize a 10-inch Holo TV by 2021, which should be just about the right size to fit into your flying car.

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