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With this self-drying jacket, your Marty McFly costume is complete

Now all you need is a real, working hoverboard.

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A startup called Falyon has created a jacket that'll match those Back to the Future kicks perfectly. It doesn't only look like Marty McFly's jacket from the movies, you see, it can also dry itself inside-out by circulating high-pressure air internally. The self-drying jacket's Kickstarter campaign says the air inside is redirected by built-in air amplifiers powered by a rechargeable battery. Falyon claims it'll only take a minute or two to dry spills or light wetness from rainfall, but you're gonna have to spend much more time than Marty did to dry up after jumping into a pond.

Besides the amplifiers, the jacket also has vents that expel air near your face and hair, a lot of hidden pockets for gadgets and a power button to switch on the drying action. Unfortunately, it's a bit late to wear this for Back to the Future day, but if the startup can deliver on April 2016 like its campaign promises, there's always Halloween next year.

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