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'Life is Strange' disc puts every episode in a tidy package

There's a pretty neat collector's edition available for the previously digital-only game as well.

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If you've been holding off on playing Life is Strange until there was a really cool, commemorative physical release, your wait's over. Developer Dontnod's episodic game about time-traveling high school girls hits retail today with a pretty snazzy limited edition packing an art book, the game's soundtrack (featuring both licensed and original songs) and all five installments for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The collector's edition will run you $40, while the vanilla version is priced $10 cheaper. But! If you're an Amazon Prime member, Jeff Bezos is knocking $8 off the special edition and reducing the standard version's price by $6. That only applies to console copies, though.

Need some convincing to part with those ducats after perhaps being let down by other choice-heavy adventure-style games? The previously digital-only title was my coworker Jessica Conditt's favorite game from last year. "Point-and-click adventures often get flak for not offering truly unique experiences for each player, but Life is Strange's story is twisted enough to nullify those complaints," she wrote. And if even that doesn't do it for you, check out one of her play-through videos that's embedded below.

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