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Autoblog drives the world's fastest motorized log

The so-called Cedar Rocket holds a Guinness World Record.

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Translogic host Jonathon Buckley takes a ride in the Cedar Rocket, the world's fastest log. Built by reality TV star Bryan Reid, Sr., of Timber Kings, the Cedar Rocket is powered by two electric turbines and an electric motor.

"We were going to spend 50 or 60 hours and put a couple axels onto a log and laugh about it," said Reid, Sr. "It ended up [taking] thousands of hours."

So why do it?

"You need a goal in life no matter what you do. Our goal was to build the fastest motorized log in the world."

Mission accomplished for Reid, Sr., and crew. The Cedar Rocket captured the Guinness World Record for 'fastest motorized log,' and will be auctioned at Barrett-Jackson to benefit various veterans charities.

"More or less, this is for awareness to show that there [are] soldiers coming back with problems, whether it's physical problems or mental problems, and we want to help them out."


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