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Google adds commenting capabilities to shared albums in Photos

Plus, 'smart suggestions' should make it easier to organize your images.

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Google is rolling out two new features for its Photos service: the ability to comment on shared images and albums, and a tool that suggests photos to add to specific albums. The commenting ability allows users to leave messages on albums and pictures that have been shared with them -- without leaving the app. Google Photos isn't a social networking service on its own, but the new functionality takes cues from sites like Facebook that allow commenting on images.

The second new service offers "smart suggestions" for shared albums. Google Photos will analyze your uploaded images by time and location, and then determine which ones might belong in an album that's been shared with you. This should streamline the process for grouping together pictures from multiple people taken during weddings, birthdays, road trips, school projects and other events.

Google Photos doesn't use facial recognition to make these suggestions, TechCrunch notes. That's probably a good call, since Facebook is currently in hot water over its own facial recognition systems, particularly those used in Moments.

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