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YouTube Gaming launches event hubs with E3 live streams

A hub will house streams and videos related to the event.

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YouTube Gaming is making live coverage of eSports competitions and other big events much easier to find. The channel is launching event hubs, starting with E3 in June. Each hub will house all the official YouTube shows and streams covering that particular tournament or expo, so you can browse them all in one page. YouTube's E3 coverage will begin with EA's and Bethesda's keynotes on June 12th, followed by a 12-hour stream on June 13th. It'll cover press conferences, live "Let's Play" playthroughs and maybe even the free public event the expo's holding this year. Twitch is still E3's official streaming partner this year -- and we're covering the event, as well! -- but YouTube's hub sounds like a good place to check if you're looking for even more videos.

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