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​GOG will add select Steam games to your library for free

Just in case owning one copy of 'Braid' isn't enough.

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Juggling multiple digital libraries can be complicated. Did you buy that game on Steam, or Depending on the game, it might not matter anymore. Today, announced a new service that will automatically add select Steam games to your GOG library -- for free.

For folks juggling a fractured library of digital content, the GOG Connect's promise is enticing: link a Steam account to your GOG Library, get your Steam games on GOG. Actually redeeming the games is as easy as it sounds, but not every game available on both Steam and GOG qualifies for transfer -- GOG says the selection of eligible games varies "depending on various agreements with our partners." Right now, that limited selection includes games like FTL, Shadowrun Returns, Trine, Braid, Saints Row 2 and more.

Adding Steam games to your GOG account won't remove them from your Steam library, but you might lose the ability to transfer them if you haven't already -- each eligible game seems to come with a time limit. GOG says the transfer eligibility period will vary from game to game, but once it transfers over, it's yours forever. The rules may be a little complicated, and the selection limited, but ultimately it's hard to complain. A free game is a free game, after all.

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