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Zoe Quinn's book about fighting online hate arrives Sept. 6th

'Crash Override' offers a close up look about systems of online abuse.

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Zoë Quinn

Zoë Quinn, perhaps one of the most qualified people to talk about online harassment, has written a book on her fight against online hate. It's called Crash Override, just like the volunteer group she founded to support harassment victims, and it's now ready for pre-order. As GamerGate's original target, the game developer had to endure having her accounts hacked, her sensitive photos stolen and her family and friends doxxed and harassed. She was also on the receiving end of numerous murder and rape threats. Quinn's book talks about her GamerGate experience in its first few chapters, but it sounds like it has much more to offer.

"Crash Override", its summary reads, "offers an up close look inside the controversy, threats, and social and cultural battles that started in the far corners of the internet and have since permeated our online lives." The rest of the book focuses on Quinn's work with the tech industry and the government to make the internet a safer place.

She discusses what she and her partners have done thus far to curb online harassment, which of their efforts worked and which didn't. To make the book useful on a more personal level, she also included practical guides on what to do if you're getting a lot of online hate. If these sound like something you'd love to read, you can pre-order Crash Override through Amazon or Barnes & Noble right now. It'll start shipping when the book officially becomes available on September 6th.

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