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The makers of 'Chef's Table' have a new Netflix series about street food

The nine-part series celebrates Asia's street food heroes.

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chosang / PixaBay

Michelin-starred fine dining is passé. As evidenced by the exploding popularity of street food, good eats these days are found at trucks and carts tucked away outdoors, prepared by families with decades of hard graft behind them, and not a single experience of culinary school. Enter Netflix's new series, Street Food, which tells the stories of these chefs as they cook up a dazzling array of noodles, soups and snacks on the streets of nine Asian countries.

From the makers of Chef's Table, each episode of Street Food focuses on one destination: Thailand, India, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam, and showcases three or four local street food celebrities -- some of which do in fact have Michelin stars. The series goes beyond the food itself, too, exploring the passion and drive behind the colorful characters feeding the streets of Asia, from 100-year-old Mbah Lindu, who serves jackfruit stew in Indonesia, to Singapore's 85-year-old noodle star Master Tang.

People love food shows, and while the likes of Chef's Table gave viewers a glimpse into the world of aspirational dining, Street Food seeks to capitalize on our appetite for authentic and accessible grub. All nine episodes will be available on Netflix from April 26. Best not to watch on an empty stomach.

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