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Apple is finally adding swipe typing to its iOS keyboard

QuickPath will be available in iOS 13.

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Apple is adding the ability to type by swiping across keys on the keyboard in iOS 13. The new feature, called QuickPath, was announced at the company's annual Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC) on Monday. The style of typing was previously only available through third-party keyboards but will be available through Apple's native keyboard in the upcoming version of iOS.

Swipe typing has been a particularly popular alternative to standard keyboards for years, especially on Android devices. Swype, one of the most popular and earliest options for this style of typing, has been available to the public for nearly a decade (though the popular keyboard has since been discontinued by parent company Nuance). To say Apple is behind the times with this feature is a significant understatement, but at least users will finally be able to use swipe typing if they so choose without needing to install a third-party keyboard.

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